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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014_ MATEC Web of Conferences. Open Access

 "EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014 – 2nd European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications"
was held in Giens, France in May 2014.

Ten full sessions and eleven poster sessions were held on many (most) aspects of  Superalloys processing and properties. Superalloys, as the name implies, have superior properties.  They are used in applications involving high demands in performance and reliability namely strength high temperatures and corrosive environments such as those encountered especially in aircraft_aero-engines and improved energy production plant.

List of themes is as follows: please excuse the EU for allowing US spelling rather than the original and UK spelling behaviour

I did notice however that neither in these open access conference papers nor in web based available manufacturers specifications that the limits on such common trace elements as S (sulphur) and P (phosphorus) appeared high when compared with the practice and practise, of which I am aware. Admittedly dated! However I honestly report here that a couple of my ex-colleagues involved in such advance metallurgical processing and development in PM (powder metallurgy) requested "current S levels be lowered from a commonly specified 0.015%Smax. I was able to respond immediately and informed my client-collegues that the first trials had already proved successful as usual with "my" desulphurization  technique.

My peer reviewed paper is now freely available to our members of IOM3_The Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining entitled:

"Optimizing deoxidation and desulphurization during vacuum induction melting of  (Super) alloy 718. J.Alexander, Materials Science and Technology,(MST) published Feb. 1985.(MST's 2nd issue).

Now let's not be shy. My Indian colleagues (most of whom are retired today) from the MIDHANI, Ministry of Defence  plant in Hyderabad can honestly vouch for my desulphorization performance. As  guarent for the "three melt-shop know-how transfer contract, I was called upon to assist during start-up in Hyderabad. Unfortuneately the only raw material for the very low P (phosphorus) grade to be made had about 3times mor P than our recommended raw material. Well, under some pressure from the then, chairman no less, I accepted the challenge and brought the damed thing into the aimed spec.

I was never informed whether the final product achieved the result originally set in the "Know-how" agreement.

Post Scriptum:
Thing must have sorted themselves out considering that very recently India has also bought the french jet fighter The Rafale and for good or bad Mr. Mittal has bought over the company where I had enormous fun both at work and for pleasure. I took up my soccer game after a too long lay-off during studies and early laboratory research work..

I do hope you enjoy sharing my experience.

 Best regards.

EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014 – 2nd European Symposium on Superalloys and their Applications

MATEC Web of Conferences:  PS this is a window to a much larger peer reviewed open access web library

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

LINK_Innovation union-A Free well illustrated pocket guide on Innovation & Growth_A Europe 2020 initiative_Update

Let me bring this free guide to the attention of my friends and colleagues in metallurgy, materials science and engineering, especially our members of  IOM3 (UK)  and SF2M (Fr)Let me thank the EU for the RSS feed which allows me to bring some very good summaries and overall views of our multidisciplinary subject.


Innovation union-A Free well illustrated pocket guide on Innovation & Growth_A Europe 2020 initiative

Kind Regards. JA.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Imphy Special Steels & Alloys Steelworks_Off the EU radar! & My Local weather here in the centre of France_Info Update

I have just included Meteo France's weather provision for my area. The meteo station is nearby (a couple of kms away) so is pretty reliable. Potential visitors will find the city of Nevers lies on the the famous N7 road and on the banks of the Loire river. Access to water from France's longest river La Loire led Colbert to choose the region for the "once"! famous steelworks at Imphy situated  15kms from Nevers. The much modernised factory where I had the privilege to work for many years researches and manufactures a huge variety of special steels, and alloys. They range from steels for aircraft undercarriage through delicate to manufacture iron-chromium(Fe-Cr) and iron-chromium-nickel (Fe-Cr-Ni) stainless, corrosion resistant steels.  They are the world reference for weldable iron-nickel (Fe-36%Ni) Invar sheet metal for liquid gas sea transportation. The range of Fe-Ni alloys, with or without cobalt (Co) runs from Fe-30%Ni to Fe-80%Ni with dilatometric, magnetic and electrical properties.  If this is not a sufficiently, highly sportive, endeavour then add the the aero-engine alloy family: The famous Superalloys; Inconels,Udimets, Waspalloys and an early competitor in power metallurgical research, development and manufacture; I personally had privileged fun with Superalloy development; melting and refining, introducing revert material into aeroengine alloys to meet the most stringent requirement of the civil aviation authorities and the major aeroengine manufacturers, GE-SNECMA,(USA-FR) Rolls Royce,(UK) Pratt & Whitney (USA), Turbomeca (Fr), MTU(Ger). Refs below

I know that at least one of my ex-colleagues must be pleased that France's Rafale Fighter Jet aircraft is now selling, namely Dr. G. Raisson who got the powder metallurgical manufacturing up and running. Unfortuneatly two others who deserve great credit are nolonger with us: My long time boss Y. Honnorat, (Ecole Centrale Paris) one of the most brillant minds I have ever encountered and my dear friend and ex-colleage Dr. James H. Davidson (ex Sheffield Univ.& Imphy Research Centre).

 (Cheers and Kind regards)

My presentation of the local weather here, has lead me to decline with many thanks this once proud special steels and alloys plant. Proud to have developed the ideas of  Charles Edouard Guillaume, whom my British metallurgical colleagues, members of IOM3_Institute of Mining, Minerals & Materials consider (tongue in cheek) to be the only winner of the Nobel Prize in Metallurgy (Physics of course)  Guillaume was based at the International Bureau of Weights & Measures (NPL-UK equivalent)and his "associate" in Industry (Imphy based) Pierre Chevenard. I have had the privilege of working with Research and Manufacturing Development Metallurgists who have personally known Pierre Chevenard.

Now I am reporting this due to my astonishment upon reading the EU-report: Metallurgy Europe –A Renaissance Programme for 2012-2022 list in Annex 2. Potential Beneficiaries from European Industry (non-exhaustive!) 

Non-exhaustive, is no excuse! This unique entity once"Imphy SA" Three melt-shops, Electric Arc mini mill at least 20years ahead of USA, It's own on site R&D centre, developing its own materials while others in France bought US technology and know-how. Plus three first class laboratories, 1 Chemical Analysis for production and quality requirements-cf. scope of materials above. 2. Mechanical properties, from cryogenic to high temperature corrosion and strength. Macroscopic and microscopic control and development. 3. Physical properties lab for dilatometric,magnetic and electrical control and development.    

That this once proud industrial innovator comes under the relatively unknown name APERAM-Chairman Mr Lakshmi Mittal. What it is today, I can hardly imagine. Last news I had was that the 1500 person strongly integrated Imphy site (Imphy SA) in my days appears to be a hotchpotch composed of : Steel melting-Mittal, Special Iron Steels, Stainless Steels  & Superalloys "Techphy-Eramet_Aubert & Duval". Will this new attempt to bring perhaps a sense of unity and the strong sense of identity of my days succeed?  Will the latest rationalisation demotivate under the still unknown company, called APERAM, unknown at least in the above referenced EU listing.  
I do  hope that success is on the agenda for the sake of current employees and for our relatively deprived region, easily forgotten also by our regional capital of Bourgogne (Burgundy) the city of Dijon. No help in view alleviated by transportation difficulties. Indeed it is much easier to travel to Paris or Clermont-Ferrand and should I dare say more useful? National plans for an enlarged Burgundy will penalise further our "West Burgundy" On the EU french divide we are as far from capitol Strasbourg as is possible (Grand Est-Greater East). Perhaps Paris in it's plans for the greater Paris_Isle-de-France will include our city Nevers and our department (county) La Nièvre and so benefit from the economic attaction, and over-populated capital, Paris.

If any of my readers can do a better summary of such industrial (passed-lost?) glory I would be please to hear.


1. Metallurgy Europe –A Renaissance Programme for 2012-2022

2. Optimizing deoxidation and desuIphurization during vacuum induction melting of alloy 718 (freely available to IOM3 members)
Article Type: Research Article
pp. 167–170 Preview | Abstract | PDF (433 KB)
Tried and Proven by melting bi-annually; 2 series of 6 VIM melts, each melt weighing  4.6(5)Tonne batches of lingot electrodes by bottom pouring by VIM for VAR Remelting. 

3. Reliable Source of Superalloy 718 revert material :

 Ireland Alloys Ltd, Scotland, UK.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

For Materials Science Soccer Players _How to hit a goal scoring free-kick thanks to COMSOL multiphysics simulation blog

Winning Soccer Free Kick explained_The Magnus Effect and the World Cup™ Match Ball | COMSOL Blog


Friday, 20 February 2015

Materials in Automotive Application, State of the Art and Prospects,Jan.2011, Free from Intechopen publications

Materials in Automotive Application, State of the Art and Prospects

by Elaheh Ghassemieh (2011). Materials in Automotive Application, State of the Art and Prospects, New Trends and Developments in Automotive Industry, Prof. Marcello Chiaberge (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-999-8, InTech

Thursday, 19 February 2015

METAL 2010 -Impressive List of free papers on: Steels & Steelmaking, Surface Eng. Non-Ferrous Metals & Alloys in English, from the Cech Republic's Symposium Metal 2010

This post, one of several to be done (TBD), was originally motivated by my search into manufacturing work on low density automotive sheet steel recently published in Nature. If readers wish to carry out their own reseach in this, or better, contribute to my approach, you will find the Nature publication, reference entitled "Brittle intermetallic compound makes ultrastrong low-density steel with large ductility" together with the abstract at the end of my post.

Now in the course of my search I unearthed quite an impressive librairy of freely available papers on Steelmaking,steel properties and metallurgy.

Please find a subject index and link to papers, in english, thanks to the Cech Republic's Symposium Metal 2010.

METAL 2010 - List of papers:  - List of papers by symposia


List of Symposium and Poster Sessions by Theme:







Publications without attendance

Workshop -

LINK to Metal 2010

Reference to Nature: 

Brittle intermetallic compound makes ultrastrong low-density steel with large ductility
Nature 2015, 10.1038/nature14144

Although steel has been the workhorse of the automotive industry since the 1920s, the share by weight of steel and iron in an average light vehicle is now gradually decreasing, from 68.1 per cent in 1995 to 60.1 per cent in 2011 (refs 1, 2). This has been driven by the low strength-to-weight ratio (specific strength) of iron and steel, and the desire to improve such mechanical properties with other materials. Recently, high-aluminium low-density steels have been actively studied as a means of increasing the specific strength of an alloy by reducing its density. But with increasing aluminium content a problem is encountered: brittle intermetallic compounds can form in the resulting alloys, leading to poor ductility. Here we show that an FeAl-type brittle but hard intermetallic compound (B2) can be effectively used as a strengthening second phase in high-aluminium low-density steel, while alleviating its harmful effect on ductility by controlling its morphology and dispersion. The specific tensile strength and ductility of the developed steel improve on those of the lightest and strongest metallic materials known, titanium alloys. We found that alloying of nickel catalyses the precipitation of nanometre-sized B2 particles in the face-centred cubic matrix of high-aluminium low-density steel during heat treatment of cold-rolled sheet steel. Our results demonstrate how intermetallic compounds can be harnessed in the alloy design of lightweight steels for structural applications and others., Hansoo K. et al

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High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

Energy for th Future:Phil.Trans.A-Vol. 365, N° 1853 / April 15, 2007, curtesy The Royal Soc. London

Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond