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Thursday, 13 June 2013

As indicated in my management blog "This-Above-All" I am removing all Amazon publicity from my blogs

The reasons for this are given in my blog post, ref. below

The "Public Debt Issue_Who is in debt & to Whom? plus questions of probity concerning elected members of the French Assembly(Deputés) or Senate(Senateurs)

In a couple of words: Tax evasion, 

Unfair gov assistance compaired to the small librarian-bookshop 
Such ill practise is of course widespread which does not mean that it adhears to the notion of "good-will."
some term this as "Tax optimisation when the more exact term is Tax Minimisation.

Read my link above based upon a French TV Special Enquiry whoes essence I have translated to English
For bilingual readers the video on the enquiry by France 2 - Antenne 2 reporters is in French and is a good way to brush up ones foreign languages.

Add your voice and comments to correc, even in a small way, such ill-practise. The general public "the honest Joes are not paying Tax owed by others (Fraudulent Companies and their lobbied henchmen in politics in the enquiry refrence above. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Fraunhofer UK launch from Materials World Blog

I have just added Materials World's blog to My list of blogs followed that may be found at the foot of my page following the leading blog posts.

I selected the article by Rachel Lawler from which I have taken the following:

"The UK branch of Fraunhofer, Europe’s biggest applied research organisation, at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London. The not-for-profit company will partner with UK universities and industry to ensure that the best research makes the transition into commercial success.
The project is already underway with the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics open at the University of Strathclyde. Professor Martin Dawson, head of the new centre, was also in attendance and feeling optimistic about the future of his field thanks to the launch. Since the centre opened in October last year, the field seems to have gone from strength to strength – Dawson estimated that the project has so far secured contracts worth £1.5m. ‘Photonics is often described as the “electronics of the 21st Century”[…] the academic strength of the UK in this area is internationally recognised,’ he said. And while he though it was ‘fitting’ that the first Fraunhofer centre focused on this area of UK expertise, Dawson hoped not to be alone as a Head of Centre for very much longer, as Fraunhofer UK looks to open more centres in the near future."

"Hear, hear"! Perhaps there is a lesson here for other EU countries.
Comments most welcome such is the impact of industrial restructuring in the EU!

High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

Energy for th Future:Phil.Trans.A-Vol. 365, N° 1853 / April 15, 2007, curtesy The Royal Soc. London

Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond