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Thursday, 13 June 2013

As indicated in my management blog "This-Above-All" I am removing all Amazon publicity from my blogs

The reasons for this are given in my blog post, ref. below

The "Public Debt Issue_Who is in debt & to Whom? plus questions of probity concerning elected members of the French Assembly(Deputés) or Senate(Senateurs)

In a couple of words: Tax evasion, 

Unfair gov assistance compaired to the small librarian-bookshop 
Such ill practise is of course widespread which does not mean that it adhears to the notion of "good-will."
some term this as "Tax optimisation when the more exact term is Tax Minimisation.

Read my link above based upon a French TV Special Enquiry whoes essence I have translated to English
For bilingual readers the video on the enquiry by France 2 - Antenne 2 reporters is in French and is a good way to brush up ones foreign languages.

Add your voice and comments to correc, even in a small way, such ill-practise. The general public "the honest Joes are not paying Tax owed by others (Fraudulent Companies and their lobbied henchmen in politics in the enquiry refrence above. 

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High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

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