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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Renewable Energy _ The Scottish Model_ Will Scotland again become a main powerhouse for UK and EU?

As the debate over nuclear energy rages in France, there are encouraging signs from Northern Europe, Scotland in this case, what I recognised early as "The Scottish Model".

Learning, as blogger, that the much desired transition  by all parties from a "Non-Renewable Energy terminal illness" to a "Renewable Energy Long-life" - As long as the sun shines"- was  going to be an incredible struggle cf. The excellent and free ebook "Without hot Air" by Prof. D. MacKey, Univ of Cambridge. I placed my hopes in what I called The Scottish Model, which at a rapid glance appeared to have a fair amount of renewable sources, Wind, wave, hydro, and to a lessor extent Solar: PV, heating, highly qualified people through a strong University system and a tradition of engineering.  Well if recent government sources are to be trusted my hunch, my intuition appears to be well founded.


To quote Napoleon Boneparte (roughly)  a graph, a picture, a drawing is worth a long discours:

Source: DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change)

Note 1 - The Scottish Government has announced a more challenging 2020 target for this indicator - the target is now 100% of gross electricity consumed in Scotland to come from renewable sources by 2020, WOW!



The winners of the IOM3 awards for published work have now been announced. To celebrate we are making each winning article free to download for the next 6 weeks! Follow the links below:

Alan Glanvill AwardEvaluation of replication properties on moulded surface by ultrasonic injection moulding system

, Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Vol 39, No 7, September 2010, 
A Sato, H Sakaguchi, H Ito and K Koyama
Composite AwardUnidirectional composite in mechanical fatigue: Modelling debond growth from fibre breaks
, Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Vol 39, No 3-5, June 2010, A Pupurs and J Varna

Guy Bengough AwardLocalised corrosion of heat treated alloys 
Part 1
 and Part 2
, Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology, Vol 45, No 2, April 2010, G Tormoen, N Sridharand A Anderko

Billiton Gold MedalNickel, copper and cobalt distributions and equilibria in Anglo Platinum furnace slags

, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy (Trans IMM C), Vol 119, No 2, 2010, L Andrews andP C Pistorius
Mann Redmayne Award Identifying gold losses through application of SIMS technology
, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy (Trans IMM C), Vol 119, No 4, 2010, N Chapman, K Prince, P Evans, F Radke, P Hayward and N Lester


Douglas Hay AwardMonitoring open stope caving at Goldex Mine
, Mining Technology (Trans IMM A), Vol 119, No 3, pp 142-150, 2010, 
M R Hudyma, P Frenette and I Leslie

 Nominations for the 2012 awards are open until 12th December 2011. For more information on how to nominate and a description of each award, please visit the IOM3 website


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Energy for th Future:Phil.Trans.A-Vol. 365, N° 1853 / April 15, 2007, curtesy The Royal Soc. London

Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond