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Monday, 20 June 2016

Greening Power from The Nickel Institute

Greening Power: "How nickel is enabling the shift to low-carbon energy"

"Where and how the world finds its energy is changing. Yet how nickel-containing materials are enabling and supporting this dynamic process may not seem obvious until one looks closely."

-Hydro Power: "By far the most important to date and with a long engineering and economic history'

-Solar, wind...

-Future material needs:

Are the production of energy and power themes, where the importance of Nickel (Ni) and its alloys are illustrated.

An extended treatment may found in The Nickel Institute Magazine: " 

Greening Power

How nickel is enabling the shift to low-carbon energy

Short of time? - The Institutes Conclusion: 
"Questions of materials supply and demand have led researchers to consider the implications of supply constraints to different economic and technical choices for energy production.1 Of current scenarios in use by different institutions, two were modeled for the period 2010-2050: Market First (where economics have primacy) and Policy First (where governments take strong measures to achieve social and environmental goals).
The mix of energy sources shows dramatic differences. Note, however, that it doesn’t matter which scenario or variation dominates by 2050. Nickel and nickel-containing materials and chemicals will be there to enable technologies and sustain the electrical grids upon which societies depend."

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High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

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