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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Engineering Courses in Ontario Canada options and degree courses in Metallurgy and Metallurgical Transformation

Let me give readers another perspective and highly successful approach to Engineering. Engineering Courses in Ontario Canada brought my attention to Conestoga Community College a most fruitful window on education and employment in Ontario, Canada.

Conestoga is a young University and Polytechnic with an enviable record:

-Since it's inauguration in 1967, it has been rated N°1 College in Ontario for nine of the last eleven years.

-Graduate job placement rate is 94.2% six months after graduation.

-Conestoga is an outstanding Polytechnical Institute and a founding member of Polytechnics Canada

-Full-time Students: 8,500 - Apprenticeship Students: 4,000 - Part-time Students: 38,000

-40% of all adults in Waterloo Region have taken at least one course at Conestoga.

-Conestoga graduates annually inject $1.4 billion into the local economy.

-It offers 120 full-time programs, 37 apprenticeship related programs, 7 four-year bachelor degree programs, 3 collaborative degrees, 25 post-graduate certificates and over 100 part-time programs.

-Conestoga has six campuses: Doon (Kitchener), Waterloo, Guelph, Stratford, Cambridge and Ingersoll.

-Conestoga’s loan default rate is the lowest in the province at 6.8%. We attribute this, at least partially, to the fact so many of our students get excellent jobs after graduation! Last year Conestoga provided $20 million in student loans.

-To champion innovation and excellence in education and training.
-To serve responsibly the diverse and ever-changing needs of the community.
-To inspire students and employees to strive toward their highest potential.


-Powder Metallurgy.
-BSc in Applied Mechanical Systems-extrusion, wire and bar drawing, sheet metal working, powder metallurgy

-MSc and BSc degrees conferred[Pdf]

MORE on Conestoga :


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