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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Materials Science Resource Links added to sidebar for easy permanent access

Following on from the two previous posts

a)Direct observation of atomic movement fundamental to the ageing process of materials.
b) Presenting ISIJ_International with special emphasis on Stonger Tougher Steels

several direct links have been added to relevent left-hand-side (LHS) sidebars in order to facilitate accessing sites worthy of permantent reference and bookmarking.

The up-dated Sidebar headings are:

1. Materials Science & Eng. Free Online Journals-Resources.

2. Steels - Links

Monday, 28 September 2009

AAAS Journal, Science and The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan_ISIJ Int_indispensible journal resource, freely available papers.

To quote J.W.Morris Jr. from his recent article entitled "Stronger,Tougher Steels" in Science 23 May2008 Vol 320 p1022 ref.1 below

"Steel is the workhorse of our infrastructure. Stronger,tougher steels are always needed to reduce weight and improve safety in transportation, enhance architectural flexibility in construction and improve performance performance in heavy machinery."

The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, well known to metallurgists, publishes many very high quality technical papers on all aspects of steel-making raw materials, processing, steel properties,alloy design and performance in application and deserves a special mention ref2.below, ISIJ_Available papers.

In the same issue of Science cited above a Japanese publication "Inverse Temperature Dependence of Toughness in Ultrafine Grain-Structured Steel pages1057-1059. was widely commented by the profession,cf. MW. IoM3.

To add even more scientific background to the latter theme, ISIJ made freely available in 2007 a Special Issue on "Advances in Physical Metallurgy and Processing of Steels",ISIJ International Vol.41 , No.6(2001) ref 3.below, prefaced by one of the authors of the much commented "Inverse Temperature Dependence of Toughness in Ultrafine Grain-Structured Steel" Kaneaki Tsuzaki.

Also of current and very high relevance is the opening quote from the paper
History of Power Plants and Progress in Heat Resistant Steels may I repeat first published in 2001.

"Energy conservation and environmental protection are regarded worldwide as highly important issues. Power plant design has sought lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions through further improvements in efficiency by elevating
steam conditions to even higher ranges of pressure and temperature. The development of the modern ultra-supercritical pressure power plant began in the early 1980s, and the world’s first swing-load ultra-supercritical pressure power plant with conditions of 31 MPa and 566°C started commercial operation in Japan in 1989. Subsequently, power plants with steam temperatures ranging from 593 to 610°C have been successively built, and a study has nearly been
completed for implementation of a 630°C class using ferritic steels. For heat resistant steels used for high temperature components in power plants, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and fabricability are generally required, and creep strength in particular is the most important property for high pressure and high temperature applications. This has led to ongoing research activities placing emphasis on the improvement of creep strength in alloy development.


1. Science 23 May2008 Vol 320

2. ISIJ_Available papers

3. "Advances in Physical Metallurgy and Processing of Steels",ISIJ International Vol.41 , No.6(2001) Release Date: 2007/05/31
first published in 2001.

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