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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Malcolm McLean Memorial Symposium: “The superalloys: from processing to performance” Putting the Heat on Coal-Fired Power Generation_ Materials, Steel

In an earlier post (13 May 2009): Putting the Heat on Coal-Fired Power Generation_ Materials, Steels, Superalloys, Coatings to fight GHG Emissions? Information overload assistance. I chose to lean on the paper by T.B. Gibbons, brought to me by my professional Institute IOM3.

It allowed me to address, to some extent, my own preoccupation with a local project (Coal Resource reputed to be the largest in Europe) and to up-date my own early experience in the special steels and alloys field (Ni-based superalloys) also gained in a famous local company Imphy(58) France, now a jointly owned by Arcelor-Mittal for the steelmaking-melting activity and Eramet-Aubert and Duval superalloy activity.

Following exchange with the author Tom Gibbons cf. comments reported on the above post link comment section in post footnotes. Tom felt I should reference all the authors. In fact I did think of reviewing some other, if I found enough time-intricate serious stuff. I immediately returned to the conference papers only to realise that I had not scrolled to the bottom of the page of online papers. Instead of choosing one of 5, I had inadvertently chosen only one of 22 top notch papers!
In fact I was lucky, I believe that in the face of such rich resources I may have been overwhelmed by this impressive work, despite my own long experience and many not have opened a dialogue.

The full reference overview:

All 22 conference papers presented at the Malcolm McLean Memorial Symposium: “The superalloys: from processing to performance”) by internationally recognised experts in the field have been issued in a special addition of Materials Science and Technology Vol 25 Feb 2009. [almost 200 pages on all aspects of superalloy process and product metallurgy;from R&D, through primary and secondary melting, casting and single crystal growth, hot-transformation (rolling, forging etc), critical properties at high-temperatures in stressful and corrosive environments have all been addressed to meet the highest standards and client requirements and rightly claim the conference title superalloys: from processing to performance"

Other resources: cf. Videos on Superalloy special melt processing and hot transformation on the LHS vertical menu bar, "NEW: Video_Metallurgical Processes-Superalloys"

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