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Monday, 14 May 2012

Learn the Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Control - from NASA's Corrosion Technology Lab.

Just received a reminder from my COMSOL news letter and blog of just how good a job the NASA's Corrosion Technology Lab. at  the Kennedy Space Center has done in summarizing the fundamentals of corrosion, describing different types of corrosion that can occur, and how they do occur, all well illustrated. Many of you may have heard of Galvanic and pitting corrosion, but what about filiform corrosion ? Thanks to COMSOL and NASA I too am a little wiser.  

Here is the full menu offered by the NASA's Corrosion Technology Lab. cf contents below:

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High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

Energy for th Future:Phil.Trans.A-Vol. 365, N° 1853 / April 15, 2007, curtesy The Royal Soc. London

Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond