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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Creativity in Materials Science, Invention, Innovation - Innovation Sells.

This series of posts arise from a pointer from my latest September 2010 Issue of Materials World, Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3) house journal, Materials World (MW). Our professional development p.19, reported on (improving) "Connecting research with creativity" the article title. The work is supported by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) who first brought together together 15 senior academics in order to get strategic input on what was required to free creativity in research. (cf. ref1.)

Currently I manage 7 interconnected blogs,(cf table above) mostly based on Metallurgy, Materials Science, Technology and Engineering. The numbers reflect the interdisciplinarity of a practician from an interdisciplinary science based education such as Metallurgy, Materials Science, Technology,Engineering though to Science and Engineering based (Technical) Management. From my own experience in industrially oriented R and D, I give Creativity, Invention and Innovation in these interdisciplinary fields.

The first news item from EPSRC on these "getting our act together" is dated

30 July 2010. (ref 2.) relating pretended progress already achieved. Both references 1 and 2 are important starting points for both individual professionals and companies to delve further into these topics foundations of the Added Value Proposition (but I surmise the major companies have a head start in this since the Added Value Proposition is their bread and butter.

A Materials Engineering Creativity and Innovation eBook from the academic world .
Thanks to my blogging activity, and preceding this post my AdSense brought to light the following Materials Engineering Creativity and Innovation eBook from the academic world of materials science, technology and engineering and related which I am sure will inspire the UK materials community (ref 3. from which my illustrations have been taken).


1. Connecting research with creativity

2.Creative thinking in research

3. Innovation Cells [pdf] or Getting one's act together.

High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

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Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond