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Monday, 24 November 2008

Mea-Culpa I: Royal Soc Publications on Maths,Physical and Engineering Sciences -Links & Search Strategies

Readers must be annoyed to see uncommented features appearing on my blog menu bars! This is an attempt to correct at least one of my misdemeanours the latest one:

I have published "new" RSS feed from The Royal Society, Philosophical Transactions A (Phil Trans R.Soc A) in the RHS-right hand side menu and widgets column. It is taken from the first "all materials" feature (Jan 2006) that I came across, on a recent materials science and engineering search . It lists freely available publications on porous materials, pulled together by a highly reputed team of prefaced by a Team of UK metallurgists, materials scientists and engineers


I trust you will appreciate this approach and that it may encourage colleagues to make full use of such features as well as the new Google Blogger Tools to facilitate referencing.

I put my first post and introduction to the R. Soc. publications and activities only a few days ago (18 Nov. 2008) at the following link posted on my site, "This-Above-All. :

A MUST READ: Roadmaps in Science and Development -Energy Policy - The National Academies-The Royal Society of London

I for one will be making even more use of this as well as my Institutional Journals (20 peer reviewed online materials for IOM3 members)

eg. cf previous post (18 Nov08)

" It's not HSLA - Bainite" : "Nanostructured Steels"-Green Light by Irvine-based Materials Science Co-MMFX Tech Corp - Corrosion and Toughness Themes

or wider still

Up for review - Top Ten Materials bookmarked to be at the forefront of Technology - Ten Years On (9 Oct. 08)

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High Purity Cr sources for Superalloys

Energy for th Future:Phil.Trans.A-Vol. 365, N° 1853 / April 15, 2007, curtesy The Royal Soc. London

Engineered foams and porous materials: Phil Trans A. Vol 364, N° 1838 / 06 curtesy_The R Soc. Lond