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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Top 100 Materials Science and Technology Stories from Discover Magazine

From an original list of top stories in science and technology by the magazine Discover, a short list of the top 14 Materials Science and Technology Stories in 2008 has been drawn-up. The # sign indicates the position on the overall Science list, which includes other sub-categories such as Environment, Nanotechnology etc...The top materials science story list is as follows:

1. #7: Invisibility Becomes More than Just a Fantasy
Researchers are cloaking materials from light, sound, and even matter itself. 12.21.2008
2. #68: Solved: The Mystery of Gravity-Defying Sap
One synthetic tree accomplishes what loads of scientists never could. 12.10.2008
3. #69: Physicists Create a Perfect Place to Store Electricity
New "superinsulator" can hold a charge forever without leakage 12.10.2008
4. #80: Invented: Self-Healing Rubber Made From Vegetable Oil and Pee Ingredient
Hydrogen bonds let ripped material re-form. 12.09.2008
5. #83: Bulletproof Paper Is Stronger Than Kevlar
New nanopaper is not only super-strong, but made from renewable materials. 12.08.2008
6. Programmable Matter Moves From Sci-Fi to Sci-Real
Quantum dots can change the very properties of matter by controlling electrons. 10.09.2008
7. The King of Green Architecture
William McDonough aims to create buildings that produce oxygen, sequester carbon, and produce more power than they use. 09.28.2008
8. 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Sports Technology
How science makes modern athletes go higher, move faster, and stay safer. 08.14.2008
9. 10 Ways Genetically Engineered Microbes Could Help Humanity
Fighting cancer, producing renewable fuels, and making your clothing glow in the dark. 08.06.2008
10. Eco-Chic to the Rescue!
Sea leather, hemp, and bamboo make up this season's runway couture—but will it really help the planet? 08.05.2008
11. The Incredibly Strong See-Through Bicycle
Want a lighter bike? Poke holes in it—the more the better. 03.06.2008
12. 68. Glue Clues From Geckos
13. 52. Amazing Battery Made of . . . Paper
14. 50. Created: A Glass That Bends

Full Materials Science list from 1993 to Date

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