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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mineral Extraction powered by Geothermal Energy- Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

"OTEC" Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, just a quickie for old colleagues
("May auld acquaintances be forgot and never brought tae mind! quote from Robert Burns).

Mineral Extraction: extracted quote from NREL

The Japanese found that developments in other technologies (especially materials sciences) were improving the viability of mineral extraction processes that employ ocean energy. "

"Not yet exploited to its full potential is the opportunity OTEC could provide to mine ocean water for its 57 elements dissolved in solution. In the past, most economic analyses showed that mining the ocean for trace elements dissolved in solution would be unprofitable because so much energy is required to pump the large volume of water needed and because it is so expensive to separate the minerals from seawater. However, because OTEC plants will already be pumping the water economically, the only problem to solve is the cost of the extraction process. The Japanese recently began investigating the concept of combining the extraction of uranium dissolved in seawater with wave-energy technology and found that..."


Of course there are a host of OTEC applications can be used to generate electricity, desalinate water, support deep-water mariculture, and provide refrigeration and air-conditioning as well as aid in crop growth and mineral extraction.

These complementary products make OTEC systems attractive to industry and island communities even if the price of oil remains low.

NB Google supports Geothermal Energy Applications but I don't appear to have spotted partners and investors in OTEC - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion...Yet. Could my AdSense providers be waiting to be certain there investment sites do not become submerged sub as in sub...marine.

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