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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Steel-Grips, Steel Industry news, Industrially oriented R and D,

This post is not about the latest, much reported innovation: 'Metaklett' (in German) hook and loop fasteners or so called "steel 'velcro™ ' ", steel that literally grips you. I'll post on that later. cf Image.

This post is about the latest links which I have added to my "Materials Science and Engineering Defined" pages, following the pleasure (and privilege) I had upon discovering and reviewing Steel-Grips a German based, European and International magazine English.

Steel business news summaries are a core feature, freely available online at the site and via their RSS feed on your favourite reader (I have added Steel-Grips feed to my page. You will find it on the side bar menu (LHS_left-hand-side), steel section.

There is however much more. Steel-grips online is an industrially orientated steel magazine. My free trial gave me access to numerous papers on the many aspects Iron and Steelmaking, R&D and processing, quality and products.

To quote the editor-in-chief Kerstin Garbracht, Dipl.-Ing:

"With its unique new concept, STEEL GRIPS takes into account recent development: Each issue will highlight an individual topic of common interest from three points of view, i.e.

  • from R & D (Research & Development)- here you will find out more about the scientific fundamentals
  • from TOP (Technology and Operational Practice) - here you will learn more about applicability of the results of research projects
  • from PMS (Plant Makers and Suppliers) - here you can read both, which products may serve better and which have been improved."
Steel-grips will prove to be a useful addition to professionals in the Steel and related Industries,.

Indeed I added numerous papers to my personal digital library and to my original basic library as a life member of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (Clay, Packaging,and now Wood) and it's famous first academic journal Ironmaking and Steelmaking.

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