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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

University Ranking Times and The Complete


but things look a wee bit better on the UK only score card _ scroll down
Technology & Engineering
Times Higher Education world-university-rankings/2011-2012/ Tech & Eng
6 University of Cambridge, 8. University of Oxford , 9. Imperial College London

Phys-Sci 2010-2011Phys Sci 2010-2011  2011-12 to be published 10 Nov 2011.

8 University of Cambridge, 10 University of Oxford, 13. Imperial College London

27 University of Edinburgh

For good measure
Arts and Humanities Universities 2010-2011

16 University of Edinburgh, 20 University of St. Andrews

 Top 50 Social Sciences Universities 2010-2011  No Comment!

 Top 50 Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health Universities 2010-2011  idem

Life Sciences


 UK University Subject Tables 2012 & Mechanical engineering
7 Strathclyde   Just holding our own considering our history, Andersonian Inst -> The Royal College of Sci & Tech Glasgow

Business Studies

16 Strathclyde  The Business School was the 1st created in 1963 my entry year!

It may be tempting to say that "it's not what you know but who you know" in terms of maintaining Univ ranking for this also is a student criteria in choosing a School but I admit to have lacked the motivation to study the above criteria in-depth - I trust the staff do this in depth

And I wonder if spin-off revenue and industrial and enterprise funding "Invention - Innovation - Marketing" enter such estimations?  If they do will the Uni's loose their independence of thought, ethics and independence? Strong leadership and independent spirit will remain a premium

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