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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sustainable Materials_with both eyes open_Free to download and read or to buy as hard cover_

Indispensable addition to  today's Materials Professionals and Designers Library.

This excellent book may be read for free at the following link

   Download the whole book in one PDF file [25Mb] 

Reviews may be found both on the book's website above, on the MaterialsToday site where I found reference to this excellent addition to the professional metallurgist, materials scientist and all involved in materials. Further this stimulated my memory as a regular reader of books reviewed by our professional materials scientists, technologists and engineers, members of The Institute- IOM3. Indeed I found  "Sustainable Materials_with both eyes open" reviewed for the Institute by Ian J. Bowbrick, (FIMMM)  Head of Professional Formation at The Royal Academy of Engineering

Executive summary by Ian who noted this book 10/10 which is an unusually high score.

"The story concludes by looking at the role business policymakers and individuals have in creating a sustainable materials future. The approach in ‘taking the fight’ to business is deftly handled. Realistically the authors cite that cost savings are too weak a driver for action by business and call on policymakers to kick-start the actions required. To this end, they propose a robust and detailed five-point plan. The story finishes with a useful pro-forma checklist for professionals looking to make a difference. 

I found this book to be well researched with reasoned and compelling arguments. Allwood and Cullen are to be congratulated on delivering a methodology that can be regarded as a paradigm shift to a new way of teaching and understanding materials science in the post-fossil fuel era society is now entering. This is essential reading for both student and practitioner, particularly those in senior management positions. 10/10." 

NB. For a full list of book reviews by IOM3 professionals all fully available to the interested specialist, non-member or motivated general public here is the

Hope you have and enjoyable and profitable read.

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