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Friday, 31 May 2013

PV energy is 40 times more efficient than the best bio-fuels_"Let the sun shine"- on INNOVATIONS!

In his paper in the magazine bioplastics entitled "From the (agricultural) field to the (car) wheel"
Michael Carus, Managing Director of the nova-Institute Hürth Germany attempts to answer the following 
Millennium class questions: " What will be the future of mobility?" and "Which solution is both land-efficient
and sustainable?"

On the one hand Biofuel (photosynthesis based) candidates are biodiesel,bioethanol, BTL 
(biomass to liquid) and on the other is PV-photovoltaic which they call "e-mobility.

In this work they compare land efficiency (average energy yield per hectare for different biofuels
with that of a solar driven electric car hence the title of their article 
"from the agricultural field to the car wheel"

Naturally German conditions are used but the author argues that there is little difference 
compared to other regions. He explains this in simple terms

The energy figures for both approaches are listed for easy comparison.

The full article may be found at the following link:

From the field to the wheel_Feb 17, 2012

PS "Is there any urgent need need for shale gas and oil via fracking?" Comments more than welcome.

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