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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Impressive Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences Video Collection: Obstacles_Curiosity_Serendipity_Webdesign Simplicity.

Obstacles, curiosity and serendipity, again led me to the excellent iMechanica website and to this most impressive video collection.

A Motto:
"Don't keep a good thing to yourself" Perhaps, truer than ever in tackling issues facing up-coming generations?

A short story:
A short story of how obstacles oblige us to think and dabble. It may be of some interest in presenting this particular light-weight link, the older classical, but very efficient video collection approach used in most early university professors and lecturers' sites, the one's which brought me to Internet and the clear simplicity of links and later Google AdSense, the web site's I wished to build but didn't!

Obstacle I.
While setting-up eye catching science, engineering and management video collections, motivated and perhaps side-tracked by fashionable web-based gadgets named widgets, I encountered a problem: My latest video catching and presentation video finally worked, roughly to my satisfaction, but although I set-up under IE-Internet Explorer, OK only to find that IE could not open it but FireFox could! (who is laughing at whom?)

Obstacle II.
I was also, as usual, confronted with an over-sized choice of materials to treat, notably how best to contribute to what I, and many more competent than I, see as the most important issue facing humanity ie. the current energy-climate and related human issues whose bottom line is based on hard science. cf posts...

Task prioritisation:
At least, my site should be made to work especially since so many use IE -Dire Straights indeed! I was overwhelmed. I decided to side step and check my page rank via FireFox, clicked my back-links, unimpressive, clicked similar pages, that was better and should be examined in a more routine basis. I came across a site in Spanish, with some RSS feed in english. The latter led me to iMechanica a very good rich resource, who listed this Impressive Interdisciplinary Engineering MZ's Video Collection. Both iMechanica and MZ's site merit separate reviews.


Interdisciplinary Engineering Video Collection


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