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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Obstacles_Curiosity_Serendipity_Webdesign Simplicity II. Video clean-up process and policy throughout my blogs

I am glad to say that there are no more "bugs" on my video presentations neither for IE-Internet Explorer users nor for Firefox adepts. Please feel free to check out the my multiple album vodpod video lay-out. (currently Triple Album layout).

This new Vodpod lay-out will bring more discipline and induce more thought in choosing what to present in order to building meaningful albums according the themes and issues raised in my pages. The set-backs mentioned in the previous post and their rapid resolution to an acceptable level, at least to my mind, have opened me to new the explosion, in fact a the chain-reaction in available quality video, notably in an areas of close to my heart, that of educational videos.

After an early, strong interest in sites such as The Vega Science Trust involving-portraying, Nobel Prize Chemist, Harry Kroto or Physics Nobel, Richard Feynman and many more, I found less and less time to watch, listen and learn in favour of action.

Remember, to many philosophers "the object of education isn't knowledge, it's action.”

Today's offer, in comparison to my early incursion into my personal, self imposed, Life-Long-Learning Programme via Video, is truely overwhelming.

Hopefully I shall not need to choose between my taste for colourful presentations, perhaps a little slow depending on your computer and Internet connection or between the more simple and rapid classical video link approach bloggers and webmasters know well . As I struggle with this new library offer and opportunity or information over-flow menace I believe that with your help and feedback we can achieve a good balance between the bright-lights media and the efficiency and surprise of a link-list.

OK, I know there is still a fair amount of cleaning-up to be done (TBD!)

Further Reference in Science:
The Vega Science Trust

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