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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Free, Useful, Attractive, Imaginative & Safe: Smart Material-Shape Memory Alloy-"Measuring Tape type" Steel supports Reflective Coating Armbands

I have just received my free reflective straps as promised on the EC Research-Industrial technologies page, cf. third image down on the page. One of my straps is sitting in front of me, as I write. The strap looks exactly like the web page image.

The offer opened on 15/01/2010. Hopefully there are still available. Just drop an email, as I did to the following address:

Technical description for geeks like me:
"The straps are made out of steel and normally lie flat due to their curvature along the width, but when tapped lightly against e.g. your arm or leg, they will curl themselves around as if like magic. This property is applied for example in retractable tape measures. The reflective surface consist of tens of thousands of micrometric PVC (polyvinyl chloride) prisms imprinted on the plastic surface: they collectively retro-reflect light, similar to the retro-reflectors used on road vehicles, thus improving your visibility. The European Commission wraps show (right side) a "firework" picture of a zirconium oxide with possible applications in ink-jet printing, as a courtesy from UNINOVA-CEMOP Centre

This is the sort of publicity for the profession I like, but...

It is a great pity that UNINOVA-CEMOP Centre's website does not appear to have been up-dated since 2003, when I visited today 27 March 2010.

I hope the EC publicity will stimulate them to correct this.
en référence à : European Commission - Research: Industrial technologies - Materials (afficher sur Google Sidewiki)

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